Have a Super, Super Bowl Party

The big day is coming, and whether you are a Seahawks or a Patriots fan, it is always fun to get together with friends, watch the game and eat some good food!!  I have found some really good ideas for your Super Bowl party and wanted to share them with you.

Here’s a cute way to display the utensils–and it seems easy to make!  I found this idea on Pinterest!

Great way to display the eating utensils!  From www.tablespoon.com
Great way to display the eating utensils! From www.tablespoon.com

When it comes to the food, all kinds of sandwiches are good plus “pigs in a blanket” are always fun to make.  The other day I was making small sandwiches to take to a luncheon.  I used the Hawaiian rolls and made some with ham and cheese and some with turkey and cheese.  I made a pesto spread to go along with the sandwiches.  I made them “pretty” by putting a tomato on a fancy toothpick and inserted it into the sandwich.  Wish I could say it was my idea, but I can’t–it came from one of my daughter’s friends.  How cute would it be if you replaced the tomato with a football pick??



Better save some room for dessert!  Thought this was a cute idea – football brownies!  Found this idea on Pinterest at confettisunshineblog.


I pinned some other ideas on Pinterest so hope you will check them out – you can follow me on Pinterest at Janis Slaughter.  Here’s hoping your Super Bowl Party is SUPER!!