Valentine’s Day is Almost Here

Well I am sure (or I hope) all of you moms are getting ready for Valentine’s Day–helping your child find that “just right” Valentine card to give to his/her classmates.  I would guess that many of you have already been given ideas by your son and/or daughter as to just exactly what type of Valentine he/she wants to get.  If not, ask them!!  You’ve got about two full weeks to find that card and also the candy if you are planning on giving each child a treat to go along with the card!! 

I recently created a few Valentine cards and have them on my Etsy shop.  They are square cards and make it easy to attach a piece of candy to the back of the card.   The card can be personalized with your child’s name on it and there is also a “TO”  on the card for writing each child’s name on each card.

What about the box to put the cards in – do the kids still do that???  I can remember (although quite some time ago) decorating some really “pretty” boxes during my day!  My oldest grandson made a really neat Lego box last year–it looked just like a big Lego!  If you have any ideas, share them with us!

I hope you have a fun time getting everything ready–don’t forget those special treats for your family.   I found some yummy-sounding ones on Pinterest!  Check them out!  Follow me on Pinterest at Janis Slaughter.


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