About Us

I guess I have always been a “crafty” person–from the beginning when my daughter was young, and I would put special notes/drawings in her lunch box to now as I help her with party ideas for her three boys (my three WONDERFUL grandsons!). To use an old phrase, “it is in the genes”!  My mother was a great seamstress and was also very “crafty”.  My two sisters and my daughter also inherited this wonderful gene!    Over the years, I found that I could come up with ideas for party invitations, note cards and other fun things to do and make. I had a gift and home decor shop for a number of years, and my customers especially loved my note cards. I now have put my shop on Etsy and am enjoying coming up with new ideas for cards, invitations and other “fun” items!

With this site, I want to share my ideas with you and also get ideas from you!  From time to time I will call on my daughter and sister to share their ideas with us as well!