You’ve got mail!  Don’t you love getting mail?  I don’t mean e-mail, but “snail” mail!  I have read many articles about the writing of note cards/greeting cards and how it is becoming a lost art!  I am “old school” and still love to send all kinds of cards to friends and relatives–even when there is no special occasion.  I especially think it is important to send that “thank you” card particularly at holiday time or any time a gift is received.

Because of my “old school” beliefs, JKSJKSDesign has created all types of cards–something for every occasion or for no special occasion!  We also have created many designs of party invitations and coordinating items to go along with the invitations.  The majority of our items can be seen on our Etsy shop–JKSJKSDesign.

By using our posts/blogs, we will tell you what is new at JKSJKSDesign.  We will also let you know about new products/ideas that we find for cards, party planning, yummy treats, home decor and much more!  We would also like to hear from you about new items and ideas that you find so we can share with each other!

Here’s hoping you are having a great day!