Stop – Enjoy the Flowers!

During my “lockdown” time at home, I have found it enjoyable to go outside, walk around and enjoy the flowers–both those I have planted in pots and those perennials that surround my home.

Hostas and daylilies are perennials that have been planted around our home and patio area. They are also easy to divide and replant in other areas.

Varieties of hostas have also been planted around some of our trees and make for a nice addition to the rock beds.

Coreopsis are in full bloom along the side of the yard around the patio area. They are very hardy and really spread over the years!

I wish I could say that this is one of my pots, but I can’t! I hope mine look this good in the next few weeks! I found this pot at Costa Farms. As you can see it is just a single variety of petchoas–a cousin to the petunia. You get a bold look by simply planting different colors of a single variety in the same pot! Love this look!

Look at these petunias! I found these on Pinterest, and they are from Momcrieff. I bet they were fed a lot of Miracle Grow!! Beautiful!

I hope you will take time and look at the flowers – whether they are at your home or around your neighborhood. I don’t know about you, but the beauty of flowers makes me happy!